Authentication and Competency of Driver Procedures

1) Applicant is expected to apply to a certified driving school to obtain a driving school certificate. Check list of certified driving schools through: DSSP FRSC

2) The applicant is taken through a driving training of 26 sessions after which the applicant will be issued a certificate (E-certificate) by the training school.

3) The applicant proceeds Motor Vehicle Administration agency to apply for their driver’s license which is for three (3) years for fresh applicants

4) After steps three have been completed the applicant proceeds to the bank to make payment for the drivers’ license.

5) The applicant proceeds to the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) to confirm the payment made to the bank.

6) The Applicant proceeds to the Vehicle Inspection Service office to undertake driving test that includes theory test, eye test and also practical driving test, these tests has a fee attached.

7) After the applicants must have passed the above step six (6) they proceed for their biometric capturing at the FRSC office.

8) If applicant(s) fails in step (6) above, the applicant will be ask to return after 7 days, and if the applicant still fails will be ask to return after 14 days and at the third attempt the applicant will be sent back to a driving school for re-training.