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QUE. Don’t I have a grace of some days after the expiration of my document(s)?
ANS. There is no law that allows that

QUE. Where are the enforcing cameras situated?
ANS. They are strategically located everywhere in Lagos which is not known to the motoring public.

QUE. Are driver’s licenses issued from other states valid in Lagos State?
ANS. So long as the tripartite structure/arrangement is observed, it is genuine. You cannot obtain D/L by proxy

QUE. Don’t I have 3 month grace to drive unregistered vehicle?
ANS. There is no section of the law that allows that

QUE. Why is my vehicle blacklisted?
ANS. It is blacklisted because at a point in time your vehicle had been driven past one of the ANPR enforcing cameras which had checked through the validity of your vehicle documents thereby raising a fine with respect to established violation(s).

QUE. Why not warn me instead of issuing a fine ticket?
ANS. Ignorance is no excuse in the violation of any established law.

QUE. Does fine on non-availability of roadworthiness certificate cover the issuance of the roadworthiness certification?
ANS. No, it doesnt

QUE. Can I pay cash to any VIS office or official?
ANS. No, you cannot

QUE. Do you impound vehicles belonging to women too?
ANS. Absolutely, the law is not gender biased.

QUE. Do VIOs impound commercial vehicles too?
ANS. Yes, we do

QUE. Hope I won’t incur additional cost for inspection having paid for Roadworthiness Certificate?
ANS. No, inspection cost is included in the roadworthiness certification paid for.

QUE. I hope my vehicle will not be retained if it fails?
ANS. No it won’t, the fault(s) will be made known to you and the vehicle would be required to be represented for a test re-test after fixing the identified faults at no extra cost.

QUE. Why are the charges of RWC high in Lagos?
ANS. Vehicle registration with prescribe particulars is a residual matter in Nigeria constitution. There is value added advantage of a world class inspection in Lagos

QUE. Why should privately registered pick up and buses be given 6 months validity on RWC?
ANS. Any commercially designed vehicle by law has a RWC validity period of 6 months. Pick-up and buses are in this category

QUE. Why must I bring my vehicle for inspection?
ANS. To ascertain the mechanical condition of the vehicle and certify it roadworthy

QUE. Why is RWC not paid in arrears?
ANS. This is because it involves a real time assessment of the vehicle before the issuance of roadworthiness certificate

QUE. Why are some cars paying as high as some SUVs?
ANS. Payment rate is relative to the capacity of the vehicle’s engine

QUE. Why are some Tokunbo vehicles required to obtain RWC despite their clean status?
ANS. (i) Tokunbo vehicles are already used before entering the country
(ii) Visual assessment is not enough to justify the worthiness status of any vehicle