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In addition to its statutory responsibilities of ensuring that road- worthy vehicle ply the roads in the State, the Directorate will be out from the 4th of May to ensure that the new transportation guidelines as released by the State Government are strictly adhered to by operators and commuters in the interest of all.

  1. Therefore, for clarity and emphases, the following are to be noted:
  2. All public buses should be 60 per cent capacity (i.e for busees, one passenger with driver in front seat, two passengers on the back rows each and two passengers for tricycle). Simply put:

*Marwa/keke- maximum of 2 passengers

*Mini-bus(Korope)—Maximum of 6 persons including the driver.

*Taxi — maximum of 3 persons, including the driver.

*14 passenger Bus—–8 persons including the driver and conductor

* LT volkswagen Bus—–10 persons including the driver and conductor

*E-hailing vehicle—–maximum of 3 persons including the driver.

*High capacity buses—–maximum of 21 persons including the driver (No standing)

  • Motor cycle (Okada) operation is suspended in all roads in the State.

iii.  Transportation movement is between 6am and 6pm.

  1. ”All transport operators/companies are expected to disinfect their vehicles, parks and garages regularly and continuously in collaboration/supervision of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources to ensure standards and safety of the disinfectant being used.
  2. All transport operators/companies are expected to have at the entrance of their respective parks handwashing equipment with running water and alcohol-based sanitisers.
  3. Operators are expected to have alcohol-based Sanitisers in their vehicles for both drivers, conductors and passengers,”

vii.  Motor parks and garages must not be overcrowded with passengers and commercial activities at any point in time.

viii. Social distancing is required for passengers queuing to board buses.

  1. Vehicles carrying foods and other agricultural produce in and out of Lagos must not carry passengers more than seven on board.
  2. Vehicles used for the transportation of food items and other services must be disinfected before gaining access into the state’s border and when leaving, under strict monitoring by relevant government agencies.
  3. Driver and other individuals in vehicles must always use face marks.
  4. In addition to the new guidelines, VIS enjoin all operators and vehicle owners to ensure that;
  5. Vehicles plying Lagos Roads are road worthy
  6. Drivers possess valid driver’s licence before hitting the road.
  7. vehicles plying Lagos roads have valid documents,
  8. Vehicles do not carry excess load.
  9. No illegal operation is carried out.
  10. No unregistered vehicle is put on the road.
  11. Please note that violators will be dealt with in accordance to relevant road traffic laws.
  12. Stay safe.
  13. Thank you.

Engr. Akin-George Fashola

Director, Vehicle Inspection Service.

Thank you

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